Creating Prosperity through Small Businesses

At Ideas Come To Life, we believe that supporting small businesses is the key to creating prosperity. For this reason, we have built and are working on technology platforms that make it easier for small businesses to set up their businesses digitally and connect with customers. Through our collective experiences in running small businesses as well as being a small business, Ideas Come To Life believes that we can create a prosperous future together by making the tools that small businesses need to succeed in a digital world more accessible to all.

ICTLife Merchant

Create an Online Profile for your Business

Using the Merchant App, you can create an Online Profile for your business which will provide you with an opportunity to provide the following information

What products, services or experiences does your business provide?
What is your business location and contact phone number?
How did you start your business? What makes your business products, services or experiences unique? What is your thinking about customer service? Show some pictures of your business from the past and present to showcase how far your business has come

Once you have created your online business profile, you will have a website which you can share with your customers and through which you can communicate with your customers.

ICTLife Merchant

Create & Share Posts about your Business

The ICTLife Merchant Account provides your business with the ability to create beautiful posts and then share the posts through social media such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter as well as generates a unique web link which you can email or SMS to your customers. The posts that you create are saved in your business profile and do not expire. This allows you to create a comprehensive business profile over time as your customers can view all the posts that you’ve made over time.

ICTLife Merchant

Connect and Interact with your Customers

When you create posts and share them with your customers, they are able to interact with you by commenting on your posts as well as by liking or sharing your post with their friends. This gives your business the ability to connect with customers while making it easier for your customers to refer your business to their friends. For example, a hairdresser posting their latest hairstyle will have the ability to reply to any comments that come in after putting in their post. The customers that the post is shared with can also share the post with their friends increasing the reach of the hairdresser’s post. Finally, all interactions with customers are organized on a per customer basis, enabling you to create a profile of your customers over time.

About the Company

ICTLife is a product of Ideas Come To Life Ltd, a Kenyan technology company that is working on the mission of creating “A Prosperous Africa” by building infrastructure to support commerce across Africa. We believe that we have a unique opportunity to deliver technology that will transform African business outcomes and are working hard to realize that dream.

Ideas Come To Life Ltd was founded in 2018 by Eston Kimani who is an experienced technology entrepreneur and has been involved as a founder or co-founder of AfricasTalking, Focus Mobile and DukaConnect. He is a graduate of the Starehe Boys Centre, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the UNCTAD-Alibaba eFellows program.


This application was built with heart and passion by the Ideas Come To Life Team.

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